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Since its establishment in early 2016, PharmaConsult has provided services across the pharmacy and healthcare industry in Ireland to community pharmacies (chains and independent), hospital pharmacies, various public bodies, regulators, educational bodies and to various other healthcare providers, including care homes. PharmaConsult has worked with various solicitors. PharmaConsult has also provided services to a number of international clients.


Clients and testimonials

Expertise you can trust


PharmaConsult’s Clients to date include:
Individual Pharmacists
Many Independent Pharmacies
Several Pharmacy Chains/ Groups
Specialist Pharmacies, e.g. those providing hospital or veterinary services
Regulators and Public Bodies
Locum Pharmacist Providers
Educational Bodies
Solicitors (Pharmacy Regulatory, Medicines or Healthcare Malpractice Areas)
Healthcare Organisations, including Residential Care Homes
International Pharmacies and Healthcare Organisations

Caroline/ Pharmaconsult is also an Associate Consultant with Pharmalex (formerly McGee Pharma International) and has consulted on several hospital pharmacy projects requiring auditing, aseptic compounding and generic substitution expertise.

Caroline is also a CPD peer support pharmacist with the Irish Institute of Pharmacy


Clarity Locums

Anthony O’Neill, Managing Director

‘I found Caroline to be extremely knowledgeable in the area of the Pharmacy Act and other legislation specific to community pharmacy. The quality of her work was outstanding and saved me a significant amount of time.’

Strand Street Pharmacy, Skerries

Sean Oakes, Supervising Pharmacist

PharmaConsult audited these pharmacies, based on the standard and new opening PSI inspections with additional focus on specified requested areas and advised on regulatory compliance and best practice.

O’Mahony’s Pharmacy

Ardfert, Kerry

‘The sops very extremely well written and very easy to adapt to my business . They included staff training record templates which were very helpful. A great service.‘

Allcare Pharmacies

Claire Murphy, Superintendent Pharmacist

‘I would recommend Caroline due to her in-depth knowledge and understanding of pharmacy regulations. We recently implemented a new service in our pharmacy and Caroline provided help and support to ensure we met all required guidance. She provides practical advice to ensure pharmacy compliance.’

Haven Burkes Pharmacy, Macroom, Co Cork

Seamus Burke, Supervising and Superintendent Pharmacist and Owner

‘I would recommend PharmaConsult because of the first-hand experience of PSI inspections Caroline provides. I had never had a PSI inspection before. To have Caroline audit/inspect my retail pharmacy business provided an insight into the processes and practices needed to ensure good practice and compliance. I would highly recommend PharmaConsult’s services.’.

What we have provided

Case studies

Clarity Locums

Pharmacist training

PharmaConsult developed training materials and an associated exam for training locum pharmacists on Irish legislative, HSE scheme and good practice requirements.

Allcare Pharmacies

Pharmacy Service Review
and Development

PharmaConsult reviewed and audited a specialist service and advised on regulatory compliance, patient safety and practice development.

Haven Burkes pharmacy

Auditing services

PharmaConsult audited these pharmacies, based on the standard and new opening PSI inspections with additional focus on specified requested areas and advised on regulatory compliance and best practice.

Other services

PharmaConsult has provided many other services since its establishment. Due to the sensitive and confidential nature of some of these services, testimonials are not provided. These services include:

assisting with PSI inspection and fitness to practice responses
interacting with organisations and regulators in conjunction with clients
developing pharmacy quality management systems (SOPs, error management systems etc.)
reviewing and developing various services, including automated dose dispensing, residential care home, remote delivery and patient medication counselling services
project management and associated report writing for pharmacies, organisations and regulators
developing and reviewing healthcare and pharmacy guidelines for European organisations