Welcome to PharmaConsult’s First Blog

PharmaConsult: Who are we:
PharmaConsult offers expert regulatory compliance and practice review and development services to patient facing pharmacists and pharmacy and healthcare organisations throughout Ireland, primarily through our owner and lead pharmacist consultant, Caroline Hogg MPSI.

Caroline is passionate about pharmacy, particularly about improving standards and patient care and brings over 16 years regulatory and pharmacy practice experience to the business. Experience spans the PSI, community and hospital pharmacy, with PSI roles including practice development expert, project manager and inspector.

What can PharmaConsult do for you:
We support and enable pharmacists, pharmacy owners and healthcare providers to optimise patient care, develop pharmacy services and meet regulatory and compliance standards through training, audit, development and response services.

Our services are beneficial, if

  • You find the PSI regulatory requirements challenging
  • You have had a difficult inspection or interaction with regulators, or are you worried about having one
  • You want advice on any regulatory or practice issues
  • You would like to improve the quality systems in your pharmacy
  • You want to review or expand your pharmacy’s services or improve patient safety

PharmaConsult provides:
Regulatory compliance/inspection services:

  • Pre-Inspection Audits (Detailed Mock PSI Inspections)
  • Assistance with the new PSI Pharmacy Assessment System
  • Inspection or PSI Fitness to Practice Response Services

Practice Development and Training Services:

  • Review of any Routine or Specialist Pharmacy Service
  • Implementation or Review of Quality Systems (SOPs, Practices)
  • Training for Pharmacists or Pharmacy Staff
  • Project Management or Support

Tailored services are available
All services are professional, cost effective and confidential

Our compliance services minimise risk and improve regulatory compliance thereby reducing the likelihood of negative patient, reputational or regulatory consequences for your pharmacy.
Practice review, development and training services optimise the pharmacy’s efficiency, safety and regulatory compliance and can improve and expand pharmacy services for the benefit of both pharmacists and their patients.

Caroline will work closely with you to tailor any of PharmaConsult’s services to your pharmacy’s needs and is available for services ranging from one hour phone consultations to detailed project management.

Further information on our servicesCaroline’s experience and client details and testimonials are available in the relevant sections of our website. Please don’t hesitate to call or email if you would like information on any of PharmaConsult’s services or if you have any questions.