PharmaConsult offers regulatory compliance and practice review and development advice and services to pharmacists, pharmacy owners, chains and pharmacy and healthcare organisations throughout Ireland. We operate out of Dublin and have satellite bases in Tipperary and Sligo.

Our Services include:

  • Vaccination Service Audits and Assistance
  • New: Pharmacy Regulatory and Practice Update and Advice Service (Subscription)
  • Pharmacy Assessment System Services
  • Continuing Professional Development Assistance (E-portfolio etc.)
  • General Pharmacy Audits (based on PSI Inspections)
  • PSI Interaction/ Response Services (Inspection, Registration, Fitness to Practice)
  • Practice Review and Development (Prescription Management, Care Homes etc.)
  • Quality Management System Review (SOPs, Error Management etc.)

Vaccination Service Audits and Assistance:
PharmaConsult offers a pharmacy vaccination audit and review service, which can be provided as a standalone service or alongside a standard audit.  As you are probably aware the PSI are currently inspecting vaccination services (PSI Newsletter 14/12/17). If you would like an audit to review your vaccination service and ensure it complies with requirements, PharmaConsult would be delighted to assist you. Caroline is ideally placed to review vaccination services as she was the primary author of the PSI vaccination guidelines and she inspected many pharmacies vaccination services during her time at the PSI. Due to her knowledge of the area she can answer your queries or provide assistance with any aspect of a vaccination service. If you have any questions or would like to avail of this service please call or email Caroline: 087-4198376,

New: Advice Subscription Service for Pharmacists and Pharmacy Owners/ Chains:
PharmaConsult are now offering a pharmacy regulatory and practice update and advice subscription service. The annual service includes six written updates on regulatory and practice issues a year exclusively for signed up members and three half hour consultations (advice/ information via a combination of phone and/or email) on topics and at a time suitable to the subscriber. Subscribers also have access to the service within defined short timelines. Modifications to this service are available on request. Pricing is competitive for this new service, particularly if you sign up before the end of January 2018. Members can also avail of our other services at more competitive rates. If you want to sign up or think you might be interested in this service, please contact us for further information: Caroline: 087-4198376, Further information on this service will also be included on our website in the coming weeks.

PSI Pharmacy Assessment System:
PharmaConsult continue to supply PSI pharmacy assessment system assistance services to pharmacies. Pharmacies should have almost two cycles of the assessment system completed and will shortly receive the documents for the third cycle from the PSI (PSI Newsletter 14/12/17). Caroline, who was involved in the development of the system while at the PSI, is available to assist you with your assessment system needs. She can review completion of your assessment system to date, assist you with completing new or partially completed sections and ensure you are using the system to both effectively drive continuous improvement in your pharmacy and meet PSI expectations. Further information on these services is available on our assessment system page. If you have any questions or would like to avail of this service please call or email Caroline: 087-4198376,

CPD: Irish Institute of Pharmacy E-portfolio Review:
PharmaConsult continue to supply CPD E-portfolio review services to pharmacies. For the almost 1300 pharmacists who have been selected for e-portfolio review, you are no doubt aware you can start submitting your e-portfolios from January 8th (IIOP Newsletter 14/12/17) and will want to ensure your e-portfolio extracts meet the requirements. Caroline is aware of the e-portfolio requirements and is happy you assist you by reviewing your cycles, assisting with developing further cycles or with understanding the process. If you have any questions or would like to avail of this service please call or email Caroline: 087-4198376,

Information on our other core servcies are set out in the services pages.