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2021 Range of Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)
All SOPs were updated in 2021 to meet current requirements
Influenza Vaccination SOPs updated 2021/22
(all prices quoted are Ex VAT)

Full SOP Set: 80 SOPs
Standard Set + 9 SOPs from Extra Sets
Includes 5 New Covid-19 SOPs

All available SOPs (103 SOPs)

Covid-19 Vaccination SOP Sets:

Add On Sets: 3/5/6 SOPs: €130/€210/ €250
(where general vaccination service SOPs are in place)
Full Set: 8 SOPs: €315 (Janssen)/ €250(+Pfizer)
(where no/ insufficient vaccination service SOPs are in place)

Individual and Multiple SOPs:

Individual SOP(s) €50
Any 3 SOPs €140
Any 5 SOPs €225
Any 10 SOPs €425
Any 20 SOPs €750

Covid-19 Pandemic SOP Set:
5 SOPs €210
+Influenza Vaccination during Covid-19: 6 SOPs €245

Non-Prescription Sildenafil SOP:
One SOP €50

New Pharmacy Set (HSE Requirements):
6 SOPs €245

Meet all regulatory (legislative and PSI) and HSE requirements
Fully adaptable to your needs
No ongoing costs- unless additional or updated SOPs are requested
Significant price reductions available for multiple pharmacies
SOPs developed by pharmacists with extensive regulatory, community and auditing experience
Template SOPs reflect current good practice requirements
Updates available at significantly reduced cost to those that previously purchased SOPs

Template SOPs
PharmaConsult has developed a suite of template SOPs based on regulatory requirements and good pharmacy practice. Details of template SOPs available, including the standard SOPs and extra SOPs sets are available on our SOP sets page.
SOPs are available to purchase individually or as sets
SOPs are continually updated to ensure they reflect legislation and the current pharmacy environment
SOPs are provided in Word format and can, therefore, be modified by you to your pharmacy’s requirements
There are no ongoing costs unless you require updated or additional SOPs or services
They can be maintained as hard copies, read-only soft copies or used in conjunction with SOP Management Software


Individual template SOPs: €50 (Ex VAT) per pharmacy
Competitive prices for the purchase of three or more SOPs.
A full set of template SOPs (80 SOPs), which includes the standard set (66 SOPs), New Covid-19 pandemic set (5 SOPs) and up to nine other SOPs from the extra sets: €1500 (Ex VAT) for one pharmacy. Additional SOPs required after the purchase of a full set are available at a significantly reduced price: €25 (Ex VAT)
Purchases of SOP sets for multiple pharmacies are competitively priced
If updated versions of SOPs previously purchased are required, these available at reduced rates, for example €100 for the updated full SOP set after one or two years. This is not a subscription service and is at the purchaser’s discretion.

New SOPs 2021:
Updated Vaccination SOPs (2021/22): These address vaccinating children (nasal and injection), vaccinating patients > 65 years, vaccination during the Covid-19 pandemic and vaccinating patients offsite from the pharmacy environment.
Covid-19 Vaccination SOPs: These address the Covid-19 vaccines approved for pharmacy administration and the associated pharmacy management, regulatory and HSE processes.
Non-Prescription Sildenafil SOP
Covid-19 Pandemic Management SOPs: These address prescription and dispensing requirements, medicine delivery, pharmacy management, contingency planning, infection prevention and control and managing infection in staff.
New Pharmacy Set (HSE Requirements): These address the HSE’s SOP requirements for registering a new pharmacy: includes 6 SOPs: D7. Dispensing: Prescription Owings; D15. Dispensing: Phased Prescriptions; PM1. High-Tech Medicines; PM7. Valproate in Female Patients; M6. Fridge Temperature Management; P2. Error Management

Bespoke SOP Services
Additional or bespoke SOPs can be prepared on request, for example in relation to:
the management of medicines (various additional prescription or non-prescription medicines)
the management of additional services (automated dose dispensing, cardiovascular risk assessment etc.)
emergency medicines (administration of medicines for the emergency managment of asthma, diabetes etc.)
quality processes (communication systems, risk assessment)
HSE processes (monthly claim, hardship scheme etc.)

Detailed SOP services are available and can be tailored to your needs. These services include:
a review of your current SOPs (onsite or remote)
SOP update recommendations
providing pharmacy specific updated SOPs
alternatively, we can adapt our template SOPs to your needs

If you would like to know more about PharmaConsult’s services contact us at 087 4198376, email: info@pharmaconsult.ie, caroline@pharmaconsult.ie or contact us here.