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SOPs are for use in a single pharmacy. Please see terms and conditions. If SOPs are required for multiple pharmacies please contact us.

D1. Dispensing: Prescription Receipt
D2. Dispensing: Legal and Clinical Review
D3. Dispensing: Pharmaceutical Interventions
D4. Dispensing: Suspected Forgeries
D5. Dispensing: Entering a Prescription and Label Generation
D6. Dispensing: Medicine Selection, Assembly and Labelling
D7. Dispensing: Prescription Owings
D8. Dispensing: Accuracy Check
D9. Dispensing: Finalisation and Storage
D10. Dispensing: Patient Transfer and Counselling
D11. Dispensing: Prescription Scanning and Filing
D12. Dispensing: Child Resistant Closures
D13. Dispensing: Emergency Supply
D14. Dispensing: EEA Prescriptions
D15. Dispensing: Phased Prescriptions
CD1. Controlled Drugs: Dispensing
CD2. Controlled Drugs: CD Register
CD3. Controlled Drugs: CD2 Stock Audits
CD4. Controlled Drugs: Storage and Access Control
CD5. Controlled Drugs: Destruction and Disposal
CV1: Covid-19 Pandemic: Dispensing Medicines
CV2: Covid-19 Pandemic: Delivering Medicines
CV3: Covid-19 Pandemic: Pharmacy Management
CV4: Covid-19 Pandemic: Minimising Infection Transmission
CV5: Covid-19 Pandemic: Managing Staff Infection
PM1. High-Tech Medicines
PM2. Extemporaneous Preparations
PM3. Exempt Medicines
PM4. Generic Substitution
PM5. Warfarin
PM6. Methotrexate
PM7. Valproate in Female Patients
PM8. Revlimid
NP1. Non-Prescription Medicines
NP2. Codeine/ CD5 Medicines
NP3. Paracetamol Medicines
NP4. Domperidone Medicines
NP5. Emergency Hormonal Contraceptives
NP6. Pseudoephedrine Medicines
NP7. Curanail
NP8. Dovonex
NP9. Sumatriptan Medicines
NP10. Non-Prescription Sildenafil Medicines
M1. Sourcing Medicines
M2. Receipt of Medicines
M3. Return of Medicines
M4. Inter-Pharmacy Exchange of Medicines
M5. Storage of Medicines
M6. Fridge Temperature Management
M7. Environmental Temperature Management
M8. Expiry Date Checking
M9. Disposal of Medicines
M10. Medicine Delivery
M11. Adverse Drug Reactions
M12. Medicine and Medical Device Recall
P1. Incident Management
P2. Error Management
P3. Complaint Management
P4. Pharmacist Absence
P5. Pharmacy and CD Safe Keyholding
P6. Management of an Emergency
P7. Pharmacy Maintenance
P8. Pharmacy Cleanliness
P9. Record Keeping
P10. Equipment Management
P11. Patient Consultation Area
P12. Pest Control
P13. Locum Pharmacists
P14. Data Protection and Patient Confidentiality
QI1. SOP Development, Approval and Implementation
QI2. SOP Review and Update
QI3. SOP Training
QI4. Staff Training
MDS1. Monitored Dosage Systems: General
MDS2. Monitored Dosage Systems: Assembly
MDS3. Monitored Dosage Systems: Accuracy Check
RC1. Residential Care Home Patients: Consent and Supply
RC2. Residential Care Home Patients: Therapy Review and Counselling
VY1. Veterinary: Storage and Record Keeping
VY2. Veterinary: Sale and Supply
AS1: Methadone
AS2: Needle Exchange
HS1. Health Screening Services: General
HS2. Health Screening: Patient Journey
HS3. Body Mass Index
HS4. Blood Pressure Monitoring
HS5. Diabetes Screening
HS6. Cholesterol Screening
VN1. Vaccination Service: General
VN2 Vaccination: Stock Management and Record Keeping
VN3. Vaccination Patient Journey
VN4. Influenza Vaccination
VN5. Pneumococcal Vaccination
VN6. Shingles Vaccination
VN7. Adverse Drug Reactions and Anaphylaxis
VN8. Body Fluid and Sharps Spills
VN9. Needle Stick Injuries
VN10: Vaccinating Children (inluenza specific)
VN11: Vaccination during the Covid-19 Pandemic
VN12: Vaccinating Offsite from the Pharmacy Premises (influenza specific)
VN13. Covid-19 Vaccination: Stock Management and Record Keeping
VN14. Covid-19 Vaccination Patient Journey
VN16. Covid-19 Pfizer Vaccine
VN17. Covid-19 Moderna Vaccine
VN18. Covid-19 Pfizer Moderna Vaccine Booster Doses

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