Covid Vaccination – SOP Terms and Conditions of Use

The template SOPs provided are solely for use by the owners, pharmacists, employees, and contractors in one pharmacy only; the pharmacy specified when purchasing the SOPs. SOPs for additional pharmacies can be purchased separately online or by contacting PharmaConsult directly. There are discounts available for purchasing SOPs for multiple pharmacies. The purchasing pharmacy is hereinafter referred to as the client or the pharmacy. The client agrees to comply with the Terms and Conditions of use as set out in this document.

As the requirements and processes for providing a community pharmacy based Covid-19 vaccination service are evolving and as further information and guidance may become available in the coming months, PharmaConsult will continue to review and update the Covid-19 vaccination template SOPs. Moderately altered Covid-19 vaccination SOPs updated in 2021 can be provided at no extra charge. However, if other Covid-19 vaccines are authorised for administration through pharmacies an additional or significantly altered SOP is likely to be required. Additional or significantly altered SOPs, when drafted, will be available to purchase as an add on to the SOP set.

The SOPs are based on regulatory requirements and good pharmacy practice but do not reflect the pharmacy’s specific processes. They are template SOPs and should be adapted to the processes in the pharmacy or the processes in the pharmacy should be updated to reflect the SOPs, as appropriate. Some SOP elements requiring adaptation are highlighted in the SOPs in bold italic text. The notes should be removed and the SOPs updated as appropriate. PharmaConsult are available to assist with SOP adaptation as part of consultancy services as required.

The pharmacy’s details (name etc.) and the SOP approval, review and implementation details should be added to each SOP. SOPs in Word format, i.e. working documents, should only be assessible to those altering the documents and management. The pharmacy’s final ©PHARMACONSULT 2021 approved SOPs should be saved in an unalterable format (such as PDF). These should be accessible to all relevant staff in soft copy format and/or should be printed and stored in a designated SOP folder.

The PharmaConsult logo on the first page of each SOP, the PharmaConsult copyright mark in the footnotes and the ‘Adapted from Template Prepared by: PharmaConsult’ statement in the footnotes may not be removed by the Client when updating SOPs.

The SOPs provided are intended solely for use by the client in the specific pharmacy for which they were purchased. They may not be used or adapted for use in other pharmacies, irrespective of whether such pharmacies are owned by the same company or directors or are otherwise connected. Possession of template SOPs or other PharmaConsult documentation does not carry with it the right to publication, nor may they be used by any party other than the Client, nor can they be shared with or used by any third party for any purpose without the express written consent of PharmaConsult. The template SOPs are the property of PharmaConsult and unauthorised publication and distribution is prohibited.

The Client agrees to take all reasonable efforts to ensure the security of SOPs. Electronic material provided to the Client must be stored on password-controlled computers. Back-ups of such material and paper documentation must be stored in a locked area.

PharmaConsult will not be held liable for any category of loss resulting from SOPs or other documents provided to the Client by PharmaConsult.

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