Thank you for engaging with PharmaConsult’s Consultation Service

Consultation Service – Terms and Conditions of Use

The service is provided solely for use by the person or organisation specified when purchasing the service and no more than three persons from the organisation may attend an advice consultation. The purchasing person or organisation is hereinafter referred to as the client. The client agrees to comply with the Terms and Conditions of use as set out in this document.

The consultation is with PharmaConsult’s pharmacist consultant for the duration of time purchased, during which a topic within the scope of PharmaConsult’s services is discussed and/or advice and information on the topic or topics is provided via a combination of phone and/or video consult and/or email. Should the client be unable to attend they can contact PharmaConsult at or to rearrange their consultation. If the client does not attend or contacts PharmaConsult to reschedule less than 24 hours before the scheduled consultation, the consultation will be charged in full.

Modifications to this service are available on request. Extended consultations or additional consultations can be purchased by emailing PharmaConsult. There are discounts available for purchasing multiple or extended consultations for one or multiple pharmacies and a subscription service is available. Details of the subscription service are available on

The information or advice provided is intended solely for use by the client in their business(es) and in their specific circumstances and should not be adapted to other circumstances or be used by other persons or other pharmacies/ businesses not involved in the consultation. PharmaConsult consultations may not be recorded by the Client. The information may not be used by any party other than the Client, nor can it be shared with or used by any third party for any purpose without the written consent of PharmaConsult.

PharmaConsult will not be held liable for any category of loss resulting from advice provided to the Client by PharmaConsult.

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